Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly post (weekly)

    • Cloudon pros
      Looks like Microsoft office suite
      Can tie in to google docs for storage, etc

      Cloudon cons
      Slow, sluggish, small, difficult to work with
      Requires Internet

      Pages pros
      Very easy to use
      Lots of editing options
      Easy access to camera roll
      Easy to copy and paste
      Does not require Internet
      Easy hyperlinks.

      Pages cons
      No comments for markups
      Cannot have multiple editors
      Cannot access docs from home without iPad

      Skydrive pros
      Easy to insert pics, links, charts
      Looks like ms office
      Has excel
      Has PowerPoint
      Nice photo editing/formatting
      Workflow very nice

      Skydrive cons
      Can't paste
      Cumbersome, clunky
      Requires Internet

      Google drive pros
      Easy to share

      Google drive cons
      Not user friendly
      No pictures, no tables, no hyperlinks

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