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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post weekly (weekly)

  • Upload photos, links, and more to your private site. Very nice

    tags: collaboration

  • " A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free. "

    tags: texting

  • The mission of the International Children's Digital Library Foundation (ICDL Foundation) is to support the world's children in becoming effective members of the global community - who exhibit tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online free of charge. The Foundation pursues its vision by building a digital library of outstanding children's books from around the world and supporting communities of children and adults in exploring and using this literature through innovative technology designed in close partnership with children for children.

    tags: books library

  • "Forward thinking and rooted in data, Think Insights offers you a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research. Stay updated and join the conversation:"

    Try the search stories section. It won't raise a test score, but it IS fun.

    tags: Google

  • "Great marketing starts with greater understanding of people and their behavior. Today, search trends and online activity are a window into the attitudes, perceptions and needs of your consumers. So check out our 5 questions now and start gaining valuable insight in real-time. It’s the difference between guessing and knowing. "

    tags: google

  • "Popcorn Maker brings the power of popcorn.js and its plugin system to a graphical user interface, with familiar timeline controls. Completely free and open source, popcorn maker offers a collection of useful templates, but since it’s built from standard HTML, you can customize it to your heart’s content."

    tags: tools video

  • Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

    tags: interactive response

  • Fascinating vision of the future. This time from Microsoft.

    tags: future

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