Monday, August 08, 2011

I'm SO glad this person is a teacher

This person lost her job in June, but was lucky enough to find another. Read how she describes it. Aren't you, too, glad that this person is able to be a teacher?

When asked about her new job she said she was excited...

"And nervous, and anxious, and all of those good things that come with a teaching job. I am so lucky, I know. And the best part: not only do I get a class of my own (the newspaper class - SO much better than just advising a club!), but I get to be the high school librarian!!! How cool is that?" 

Wouldn't it have been a TERRIBLE shame if she hadn't been able to find a teaching job - her obvious passion?


Katie Williams said...

I would love to know what state she is in....if in California
we have an amazing organization to support her!

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