Saturday, March 05, 2011

Are You Average?

You are if you're 28 years old, right handed, own a cell phone  but have no bank account, and you're from China. Or, at least so says this video (below). The video came from here.

Thanks to @jigar_patel (A Tweeter) for sharing this with me the other day via Twitter. I had recently been in a small meeting with him and a couple others and he was sharing some fun infographic sites. I really admire the creative minds of those who create those infographics.

Take this example from that shows how large Africa really is. Lots of others to explore there, too. Or this one from that shows, by county, whether or not America's richest are also the most educated. And here's an interesting video that talks about data visualization. Or this website, has quite a few excellent examples. Or, the daily infographic. And, the inforgraphicsshowcase site that showcases the very best. Spend some time at these sites. Or, do a search for the term infographic and browse the resulting images. When you find one you like follow that link back to its source for the possibility of seeing others.

But, the point of this post is about whether or no you're average. Remember, there are almost seven BILLION people on this planet, living in a wide variety of conditions. So, watch this video. I think the description of what the average person is like will surprise you. I also think it will make a great Sociology lesson.

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