Saturday, February 05, 2011

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  • Could these numbers be accurate for Google's electricity use? Kinda makes me feel guilty doing a search.

    This is a good science lesson and even a math lesson, don't you think?

  • Turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills. Activities are ready to use in your classroom. Or alter an existing activity to fit your unique needs. Exchange primary source documents and modify activity instructions. Log in to borrow from an even larger selection from fellow educators.

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  • The slides from the Advanced Google Forms webinar

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  • Ten ideas for using the forms with a class. Pointed to in tonight's webinar. Already shared to this group, but if you've not yet seen it do heck it out.

  • A great discussion starter article for your teachers.

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    • What we are missing in the 21st century is the view that technology is not the gadgets and the hardware and the software. It is not the atoms or the photons or the electrons pulsing through the Internet or our home appliances. Rather, the technology is us. According to Dr. Kane, “Technology is human creativity and artistic expression… it is knowledge in action… knowledge with a purpose… it is the art in science and engineering…” According to this view, “technology is the space between our minds and our hands.” It is our imagination, our ability to tell stories, our drive to exist and make the world a better place. For Dr. Kane, “…this space is where the speed of light generation operates.”
  • The Futures Channel was founded in 1999 with the goal of using new media technologies to create a channel between the scientists, engineers, explorers and visionaries who are shaping the future, and today’s learners who will one day succeed them.

    The Futures Channel partners with schools around the country as well as a wide range of publishers, science centers, professional development service providers, public television stations, websites and more to provide high quality real world digital content to enhance their education offerings and objectives.

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