Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Qwiki - project THIS out a few years! WOW!

The typical search engine returns links to other websites that contain your keywords. WolframAlpha returns a computed answer to your query. But THIS website returns a multimedia story about your answer. Qwiki.com

Kristin Hokansen pointed me to this while on Twitter one night. This site is so new it's still in alpha!

Go to the qwiki site now and watch the introductory video. That will give you a sense for what it is. I've got  'unlimited' invitations open to share with others, so if you wish to join in on the fun, testing this alpha version of this amazing site, let me know. I ran a few tests to make sure that results were school friendly, and those that I ran were. You may know more of the names that would have cause for concern (someone mentioned 50 cent, for example, but I won't dignify the guy by searching for him.)

Once again, project this technology out 5 years. Incredible! There will surely be some teaching that we'll have to do about the site - I mean, look at what we went through with Wikipedia. But, this is a powerful example of Web 3.0 technology.


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