Saturday, December 04, 2010

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  • "Like an IMC in the real world, you will find...

    * tools for planning, using and managing your own environment,
    * a solid foundation for supporting standards and assessment practices,
    * classroom projects, lessons, units, field trips, extended studies, international databases in almost any subject and across subjects,
    * references and contests for students,
    * multimedia creation and samples,
    * professional development and publishing opportunities,
    * tips for school, family and community partnerships, public groups and private industry, and
    * space to conference with colleagues"

    tags: iste

  • Totally addictive game that teaches science concepts to get you to move a ball over to its target.

    tags: science game

  • Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if our students could give presentations in Social Studies like this one by the Gapminder Founder, Hans Rosling?

    tags: data gapminder

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