Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Does Comcast use Outlook Express?"

Isn't it .. something.. that there is still such a persistent misunderstanding 'out there' about email? When you hear someone say that they can't get email any longer because they switched providers and, "... they don't use Outlook Express" then you know you're dealing with someone who still thinks this whole internet thing is just sheer magic.

Or when they say that they can receive email from their new provider but they can't send anything you know that they just have no idea how it works or why it works that way.

It made me wonder how many of our students know what an 'email client' is, or how it works. How many of your students would be able to effectively answer the question above - "Does Comcast use Outlook Express?"

One more thing before I leave this topic. Well, SORTA this topic. I heard an interesting story today on NPR's Weekend Edition about Captchas. Most of us have long known that those exist as a means of the user proving they're human. Only humans can read those things and enter the correct letters. A spammer's 'bot' can't do it. The article today told of spammers who hire people to decode those. They get paid $.75/1000 captchas successfully decoded. Just a couple bucks a day. But, the story said, it's more than in some textile sweat shops - and better working conditions.

Doesn't THAT speak volumes about SO many things of this world?

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