Monday, July 12, 2010

What Does "Students Learn Differently" Look LIke?

Last week, after my grad class had watched the daily video in which it talked about today's students learn differently, one teacher (I can't call them students) asked, "Everyone always says that students today learn differently. That's easy to say, but what does it look like?"

The class shared their thoughts on the matter, and I posted the question to twitter. Below are some of the responses.
  • kids finding their own meaning of topic in context of their life - interactive, collaborative, creative, competitive 
  • It looks project based, some degree of choice, not everyone doing exactly the same thing 
  • students also learn by creating! Videos, websites, blogs, music etc.
  • students also read online blogs and post questions to find information and they share info digitally they don't call or stop over
  • students now don't buy a book if they want to learn something. They go online to youtube or wikipedia.
  • it is kids learning outside the 4 walls of school and collaborating, sharing on a global level. 
  • Students learning in local community centers, connected globally and attending at different times of the day/year.
  • It looks like a large variety of collaboration options that work globally! Groups, social networks, tweets, ......... 
  • they are much better at multitasking. They tend to do well in collaborative hands on exercises.  
  • What does it look like? Textbook and teacher no longer the expert; instead community and rss
  • We might have different activities going on in our room at one time  
  • It looks like a hot mess! Different things going on at the same time - no way to figure it out just by watching.
Interesting, yes? So let me ask YOU. "What does 'kids learning differently' look like in the classroom?"

Thanks to all those who contributed your thoughts on the topic. Since I didn't get your advanced permission, I left off all the names.

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South University Savannah said...

i guess learning the same but applying the learning in different mediums since not all students are good with writing or answering tests or drawing. Being able to choose the out output from one learning is how students learn nowadays, i believe..