Monday, June 14, 2010

A job well done

OK. It's finished. I finally have the entire web saved as bookmarks in my Diigo account. They're all nicely tagged - even if, perhaps, I've got multiple versions of the same tag. (google earth, googleearth, and google_earth) At least all the sites (up to today) are properly bookmarked. There will no doubt be new sites to bookmark tomorrow. (A teacher's work is never done.)

Yes, I'm being facetious, but stay with me here. I've been eagerly and proudly, and even dutifully finding new websites that do one thing or another, and I've been saving them in my Diigo account. That's just what you do, y' know. But, since I don't have a class of students any more, what is the purpose of this collection? Yes, I can now select a tag and see all the sites I've found that fit that tag, but - then what? And, even if I were a teacher, what good is a list like I've made? Not much good at all, I suspect. Yes, I can share this list with other teachers in the workshops that I do, but somehow it feels like an artificial collection. It has no REAL purpose for being.

But, a classroom teacher wouldn't just be finding sites for the site of the find. A classroom teacher would be bookmarking sites that would help to make that teacher more effective. Right?

I don't know. Maybe this wonderful silence that I've been listening to for the past few hours has gotten to me. (I'm at my cabin and the woods are VERY quiet.) But, suddenly I've begun to question why I'm finding the need to collect all these bookmarks.

Do any of you feel this way from time to time?
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AtlTeacher said...

Most definitely! I have a pitiful stash of 800 Diigo bookmarks and I always say, "This will be the day I organize and use every one of these with my students." Oh well, I'm still hopeful.

A said...

Kudos for your diligence in staying organized in the digital world. My paper and digital filing cabinets are a mess. I have bookmarks saved on multiple computers. It has been a slow process to add them to social bookmarking sites like delicious. I will have to check out Diigo.

Joe said...

"OK. It's finished. I finally have the entire web saved as bookmarks in my Diigo account."

Simply the best line on any blog post all month...I think tagging is dead; it's more helpful to others for you to tag things than actually helpful to yourself, (at least for me it is). My rule of thumb is usually "what is it I want to do with this nugget of info (GTD "what action needs to be taken?).; if the answer is that I am not sure, than usually I will be no more sure later after I tag it, so why tag it?

Jim Gates said...

LOL. Well, I do keep telling myself that I'm doing this for the benefit of the grad students who are just getting started with this stuff. And, I think that it's still a viable tool for teachers and students to be sharing resources with each other.

But, just to save them for myself - I'm not convinced I need it, either.