Friday, June 04, 2010

Beyond the mouse-driven computer interface

A comment in a recent post about a writing prompt idea expressed concern that we're inviting students to take a stand on a topic. I hadn't thought of that before. Perhaps writing prompts should be more neutral. Interesting enough to encourage discussion but not so controversial or volatile in nature as to create sides. We've certainly got enough of that in too many places in this world.

So, with that in mind I'll share this recent TED video that shows a new kind of computer interface. Certainly this will interest the techie kinds of students, but others may find this idea having applications in other areas of life, from medicine to entertainment.

Check this out. No mouse. No keyboard. Instead, a gloved hand. Beyond the immediate and perhaps obvious uses for this kind of system, what other areas can benefit from it? Does it have applications for business? What about our need to create documents. This is fine for manipulating existing files, but what about creating them? If this catches on will the mouse disappear? Lots of questions.

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