Saturday, May 08, 2010

Another writing prompt idea

I wish I could find a video that's uplifting in nature to use as a writing prompt. It's not like I'm not looking for one.

But I think that this is another video that our students should see. It's depressing as all get out. Is it an accurate depiction of the future of the ocean? Is it too late to reverse these trends?

Or, maybe this is just too intense to be used as a writing prompt. Too overwhelming, perhaps. And, while he paints a horrible picture of the ocean, he really doesn't tell us what we need to do to stop these trends.

Still, I'm certain that our Earth Science students will have an opinion, and a writing prompt would give them a chance to express it.

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Mr. V said...

Perfect timing on this as I just started studying oceans with my Earth Science class. It was funny to watch their jaws drop when they saw today's trophy fish compared to the 1950's trophy fish.