Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why so secretive, CIPA?

I'm trying to find the names of some folks who do CIPA audits so I can schedule them for a webinar with the goal being to INFORM the schools. Why is this so hard to do? If the goal is something which is supposed to be GOOD for kids, then why are they so hard to find and to  talk to?


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Pat Ruffing said...

I completely agree. At the recent PETE&C in February I attended several sessions on this issue. Presenters from Derry Township schools said the auditors have a definite list of sites they will test, but no one has access to the "list". They said to block the obvious. To me, Ebay is not an obvious since kids in a K-8 environment are rarely interested in such a site, and it never occurred to me that it should be blocked. They said that Ebay is on "the list" as well as some gaming sites. WHICH ONES? We all want to be compliant, but don't make it a guessing game!

I would love to attend a webinar on this if you set it up.