Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A World Class Education

I thought it was interesting that in tonight's State of the Union address, President Obama said that he'd settle for nothing less than a World Class Education.

I've heard that somewhere before.

"After 30+ years in the field of education I'm now on my own, doing what I LOVE to do - talking about how technology can enhance teaching and learning. I've been around since Commodore 64's and DOS 1.0 and I've seen it all. Now that the world's information is in our pockets I think that the purpose of schools has changed. In this "flat world" it is imperative that we step up to create a world class education for our students. Say it with me. "I DEMAND A WORLD CLASS EDUCATION FOR MY KIDS!"

I'm in good company. :)

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ce's geekbook said...

I would happen to agree whole heartedly U.S as a Super Power should have the best in Education. It is too bad we have fallen short on this. Something has been needed to be done for a long time now. Why do you think major U.S. based Computer Corporations out source their work to other places such as India ect... it is not only less expensive but their education levels are greater.

Great Blog by the way