Friday, January 29, 2010

This touches me deeply

Tonight, @bethstill retweeted this story: (fixed link)

This small Nebraska high school had raised over $5000 for their Junior-Senior prom. But, they decided NOT to spend the money on the prom this year, but rather to donate it to the Haiti relief fund, instead. That just... it just really gets me. We all know what a big deal the prom is, right? Yet, this group is giving it up. AND, they don't want anyone else to pay for their prom, either, as that would defeat the purpose. They're giving up their prom for the Haiti relief efforts. Are you noticing a lump in your throat, now, too?

The next time you're around someone who bashes teenagers, tell them this story. And there are so many more like this. I don't know anyone in that school, but I'm so VERY proud of them. So very, VERY proud.


Anonymous said...

Jim, the link is broken to the article. I googled it and found the following 2 similar articles about the school.

Also this past week, at SciTech, we raised $1370 to donate to a Haitian relief fund. However we have a gag order in place not to release anything to press without passing through the new governmental administration.

mrsdurff said...

And yet I work at a christian school that will not even have one dress down days (everyone pays to dress down), much less not have the prom. Our school prefers to remain insulated and pretend the entire world doesn't exist. I guess this gets me too. I'm pretty upset by our school's lack of a giving spirit. I so wish I taught in a school with giving hearts....