Wednesday, January 27, 2010


GEEZ!!! I can't believe this happened. Take heed!!!

I was sitting in an excellent live presentation and as it was wrapping up I was TRYING to hurry and paste the following quote into the chat. "Printing was considered vulgar and only for the poor. Many aristocratic bibliophiles refused to disgrace their collections with the presence of a non-manuscript text. It fell to the lower classes to recognize the importance of the printing press. And they did - by the end of the fifteenth century, more than one thousand printers had printed between eight and ten million copies of more than forty thousand book titles."

However, as today was also the announcement of Apple's iPad, and since folks had been passing around that video about it - the really crude one - I had IT in my clipboard instead of what I had TRIED to copy - that quote. Since I wanted to get it into the chat before everyone left I pasted and hit enter  - and THEN realized what I had pasted.

To anyone who may have been embarrassed by it I am truly sorry. I wonder if Kelly will EVER forgive me!

Shoot me NOW!

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