Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for some Math resources

Last night I received an email from a woman who is looking for ideas for some math sites or math software that would help her daughter with her Math studies. Her daughter is a visual learner, so that's the key here. Her daughter is currently studying decimals, fractions, division, geometry - no algebra yet. Geometry is the toughest one for her. I suggested, as a place to start,  that she check the Math or Geometry tags on Diigo and Delicious and look for those that are most popular. (Like here for the popular Geometry tages in Delicious, or here for the popular Geometry tags in Diigo) But, I thought that asking for input directly might be a better option. I mean, if my PLN can connect me to a teacher in Vietnam in 30 minutes, then I'll be it can also find some great resources.

I've got a few math sites saved in Diigo ( but math isn't my main area of focus. Math teachers know best.

So, if you can send me (via comments here or by email) your best (tried and proven?) ideas for software or sites that would be suited for her, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, wanna know the REALLY cool part? This woman and her daughter live in Paris, France.

I know! Right?

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Barb Smith said...

I didn't check your sites, so this might already be on your list, but I love the BBC sites.