Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Future Internet (and a Diigo plug)

Y' know, I just LOVE learning. I learn so much from my PLN every day. Today, for example, I was going through the email from my Diigo groups, and I was pointed to this video (below). In that same email someone had shared this site with a pdf called, "The Complete Guide to Internet Searching", a nice screencast of someone using a Google Form to give a quiz, a site (LoutLit.org) (Fixed - Thanks Mr Oneal :) ) that is "public domain literature paired with high quality audio performances", and MANY more wonderful sites. I LOVE Diigo!

But, this video caught my eye to share it with you, too.  Watch it and see if you aren't blown away by this vision of the Internet. What will it mean to be a digitally literate person THEN? And, will our schools be of ANY value whatsoever in helping our students be ready for this world? (Will they be ALLOWED to?)

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Mr. ONeal said...

your loutlit.org link is broken - it needs a www.