Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Explaining the scream you just heard

You may have read this post (oops - forgot the link in original post) in which I mentioned a website that showed that if you're a person with a Master's Degree in PA you're among the top 10% best educated adults in PA. Keep that in mind as you read on.

I just heard heard tell of a district that not only still blocks Wikispaces (Honestly, I thought we were WAY past that), but they also block all email coming from gmail.com. So, since that's the email that I use, I cannot communicate with any of their teachers. (That was the first scream you heard.)

But the REALLY loud scream that you heard was when I heard of another district that blocks ALL attachments in ALL emails. Their entire Administrative team and all their teachers have to email the sender back and ask for a fax copy. (Pause while YOU scream.)

How does a Superintendent allow that nonsense to persist? How can they function? The folks in the Admin wing, some with Doctoral degrees, I'm certain, are told that they cannot receive attachments in email? ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

This is twenty ten, and those folks are being treated like - no, WORSE THAN - children! How many of us could teach in a district like that? It's COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Whoever it was who made that decision should be fired immediately, IMHO. Again I'll say, the United States CANNOT AFFORD this kind of UTTER NONSENSE. We MUST be aggressive in how we create educational environments. Not THIS kind of idiocy. Blocking attachments? Disabling right-click and cdrom drives?


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Orlin03 said...

This is exactly the kind of narrow-minded resistance I feel I will be facing next year as a new teacher in this burgeoning age of education, although I'll admit I thought it would be limited to the use of technology in the classroom, not the use of it for teachers in general. I recently asked Will Richardson what he thought one could do in the face of opposition to modern teaching tools, and four words stood out in his answer: leadership, time, vision, and infrastructure. We must present ourselves as confident leaders and hope that our confidence in modern methods will rub off on those in charge, and we cannot lose hope- even when something like this stands in our way.
Keep informing us of things like this! I enjoy your blog, and hope you might check mine out as well (and offer advice whenever you can!): anewmodernteacher.blogspot.com