Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grad student looking for help

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Grad students who are desperately trying to gather some research data to support a thesis or for an assignment that's required for their Doctorate degree. They are working SO hard to get this degree, yet the obstacles they face are many.

While I don't normally do this, I wanted to point you a survey that maybe your students would want to take a few minutes to complete. Why would they want to take the time? This one will award TWO randomly chosen entries a $25 cash prize.

Now, I didn't take the survey, so I don't know how the winner will be notified. But, I do know the person behind this survey and I know he won't be selling the information or spamming anyone, etc.

Anyway, maybe your class would take it, or maybe even your son or daughter. The odds of winning are pretty darned good, too. And, they'll be helping a grad student on his way to earning his Doctorate.

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Mr. ONeal said...

I just had my computer repair class take the survey.