Sunday, November 29, 2009

VERY cool project by middle schoolers

I just love this project. Watch all three videos. (I've embedded one of them for you - the Making Of... video.

A couple questions to consider:
1) Are there any "21st Century Skills" at play here?
2) Where on the Bloom's scale does this fall?
3) Is this (or something similar) something that your students could do?

The Making of The Constitution videos:

Making of the Constitution Video from Mr. Titzel on Vimeo.


Lona said...

Jim, your post is simply wonderful! You've really got me thinking...I'm a Special Ed. Teacher who co-teaches US History at the HS level. This video is simple and understandable and will enhance my students' comprehension of the Constitution. But, maybe my students can produce something similar for some of the most difficult topics they're learning. Thank you so much!

Mr. T said...

My students are the ones who made the video. The best part of the whole project was how collaboratively the groups worked together. All students were responsible for writing a paragraph summary of their assigned section of the Constitution so there was an individual accountability built in that I could assess their understanding. Beyond the paragraph summary the students worked together on the parts of the video that best suited them. The artistic students drew the figures, the students who like to speak tended to be the speakers, etc... there were also hand artists (the ones who placed the drawings on the board), camera operators, and directors. Each student had a job and they worked very well together.

Jim Gates said...

The part that impresses/haunts me the most is near the beginning when they pan over all the cutouts that are taped to the closet doors. Evidence of a lot of thought that went into it, and lots ha hands involved in the making.