Sunday, October 25, 2009

Congratulations to LTMS600 class

I had such a great day yesterday. I got the chance to hear all about the projects that the teachers in the LTMS600 class did with their students so far this fall. Yesterday was the final day for the course, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

From 3rd graders using a Wallwisher board as a KWL chart, to backchanneling with 8th grade Spanish students, to a Facebook-like project in Mythology that ended up in Issuu, to students making Jing screencasts for the library - and great uses for Google Docs, and student blogs and Google Earth tours.. and more. What fun it was to see and hear about the changes in their classrooms.

I wish now that I had thought to jot down all the comments that students had as they worked on the projects. The teachers told of how they didn't want to stop the activity when the period ended, and how they went above and beyond the requirements of the assignent because they enjoyed it so much, etc.

Comments from the teachers included: "My objectives were certainly met if not exceeded.", "Students would come to class and ask, 'Can we work on our wiki pages today?'", "The students and I loved it - every student participated." Or, "The students thought it would be cool to use this tool when they discussion other issues that they thought were important." This comment that I posted about the other day sticks with me, too: " Seeing the students rise to occasion was fantastic. The students becamse the teachers, and I becamse the learner." And this comment I thought was especially good, "This was one of the most successful projects I’ve ever taught. Not only because it was engaging for the students, but because they learned valuable skills: group discussion skills, research skills, supporting points with specific, accurate details and writing skills. These are skills that transcend the Communication Arts classroom; these are skills students will need to be successful in whatever career path they decide to pursue. " (I wish I could share her entire project description with you - it was excellent.)

It was a VERY good day, yesterday. And to Vicki, Scott, Lisa B, Lisa K, Nicole, Emma, David, Diane, Karen, Emily, Rich, Heather, and Amy - Congratulations. I'm so proud of your work. And I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to wrok with each of you.

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