Saturday, September 26, 2009

UUorld - a MUST SEE and USE!

I think I've mentioned this application before, but I know that, if I did, I did so without fully appreciating its incredible power. It's UUorld, pronounced, World. (Double U's = W) This is a downloadable application that is available for all major OSs. (Other OS versions are listed on the right.) To get an idea of the power of this tool, watch this video. Watch how quickly one can create 2D or 3D maps, customize the colors, change position perspectives, and even make a video of the map as it plots the data over time. You can even save it out as a kmz file and bring it into Google Earth. There are tens of thousands of data sets available via their data portal, and it's as easy as a couple mouse clicks to be able to see the data in 3D maps.

Imagine a sociology or Social Studies class where kids team up to create these maps, save them as KMZ files or movies, and then embed them into their class wikis. And, imagine them using these maps instead of powerpoints to give a presentation to their class. They're finding the appropriate data, creating the maps, and then presenting on what that data shows. I LOVE IT!

Below is one of the images that I got out of their Gallery which shows educational attainment of adults age 25 and older with a 9th grade attainment level or BELOW. A teacher can TALK about this, or the kids can discover it by themselves. What areas have the highest rate of low education levels? Why? What do they have in common?All sorts of questions arise from maps like these. And, many maps plot data over time so that the maps move as the data changes. Make a movie out of that and use it talk give your presentation. GREAT stuff.

I do hope you'll download it and take a long look at it. Watch that video again to see all the different things you're able to do with the program. Teachers, get the pro version for $49, too. You'll be making movies and uploading them to your moodle classes or websites in no time.

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