Wednesday, September 23, 2009

should i be concerned

I just received another email from a daughter of a family friend regarding her experiences in college. This is the second one I received. In both emails there were a total of just two capital letters. They were all in one large paragraph, too.

Should I... that is, should WE be concerned about that?

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Joseph Thibault said...

Short answer? No. Long answer:

Well worth the read. The synopsis? Students these days (and adults too) are producing content directed at specific audiences in higher numbers than ever. Whether on the web, blogs, walk throughs for video games, or movie reviews or other amateur endeavors: we're all publishing a lot of content. Leaving off the capital letters might just have been a nod to your tech savvy-ness (since you're so l33t, why would they need to capitalize anything? It reads the same right?).