Saturday, September 26, 2009

OfficeLive - Cloud Computing from Microsoft

This won't be new to some of you, but I was talking with a couple teachers the other day about Office Live and I thought I'd create a little demo movie of how it works.

To get started on your own, start by creating an account at Then, upload a file or two to your storage area. If you play around a bit you'll notice that you can assign multiple editors to documents (Can I say, "Like in Google Docs?"), and you can assign others as being Reviewers but not editors.

Now, in your version of Word (either 2007 for Windows or 2008 for Mac) choose "File>Open from Document Connetion." (Not sure if it says it differently in Windows version) In the resulting dialog box, click the icon in the top left corner to add your information to sign into your OfficeLive space.

Once you open a document from there and make changes and save, the changes are saved back to your workspace. You can also begin the process by going to your OfficeLive workspace and opening the file. If you're using IE 7 or above the document should open right in the browser for editing. There are many more features to the system, but this will get you started.

So, if you're in a district where Google Docs are blocked (don't get me started) then this is the solution for you. I don't see that you can embed documents, so if you see how that's done please leave a comment to tell us how it's done.

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