Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Global Warming? Watch this!

Oh my...

First of all, I LOVE this guy's passion. It's quite clear that he is horrified by what he's seeing, and that he has a sense of urgency about it that he's trying desperately to convey to others.

Second, I wonder why this issue has become a political one.

But third, since it IS a political issue, and after what we just witnessed with President Obama's speech to the school children, I wonder if science teachers are permitted to show this video to their classes. Maybe they are - until Glen Beck finds out about it.

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Louise Maine said...

I have actually been following this since the late 70's - yes, I have always been a science geek. It is amazing how the evidence in front of them seems not to matter. Are most people incapable of critical thought or do not really understand the Earth and its patterns? It is so political because fossil fuel companies are a powerful lobby as well as the auto industry. Some past presidents are tied to the oil industry. Research language has been tempered to their advantage.