Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wireless Electricity - Redux

Back in 2007 I blogged about an article on NPR about wireless electricity. I thought at the time it would be a good writing prompt for a science class, at least.

Today, when browsing through the Ted talks videos I came upon this video of Eric Giler demonstrating wireless electricty. This really is something that could truly inspire one of your students to set out in a career to advance this even further. This is HUGE!

Of course, we still have to HAVE electricity in order to send it wirelessly, but that could also be part of your newly inspired student's vision. I hope you'll send this to your favorite science teacher.

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JohnBr said...

The March/April 2008 edition of MIT's Technology Review had an interesting article on wireless power.

It discusses the work of MIT Physicist Marin Soljacic who is working on ways to enable electronic devices to recharge automatically whenever they come into range of a wireless transmitter.

Subscribers can view the entire article online at: