Monday, August 31, 2009

Two more GREAT TED presenters

I was able to sit down today for a while and just browse. How nice that is to do, from time to time, eh? This time I took some time to again stop at TED, and I was able to watch two more outstanding presenters.

The first one I watched is one that you will HAVE to send to your art and music and Drama teachers. Natasha Tsakos presents part of her one woman show, a multimedia show that is just SO creative and ... amazing, you're going to have to watch it to see what I mean. Very cool stuff. Your arts kids will LOVE it! Here she is on Ted.

The second one, which I'll embed here, is another from Hans Rosling, the creator of that WONDERFUL site, Gapminder. You may recall his first presentation at TED a while back. Or maybe you saw this presentation. This time, however, I think he's outdone himself. In this funny and very informative presentation he uses his data to challenge our ideas about what it means to be a Developing country. As you watch this, think about how your students might be able to use Gapminder to make such a presentation. They'll have to do this in teams, I think, but I do think it would make for some powerful, long-term learning.

Here it is. Watch this from start to finish. Then share this with your favorite Social Studies teacher. This is GREAT learning!

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