Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A GREAT deal - and more

It's only 10:00 AM, and I've been at my computer for only an hour or so. But, in that hour I've learned a TON of things from my friends on twitter. What a day it's been already.

First, let me apologize to those folks who tweeted some of these and I can't seem to find them now to give you credit.

Some of what I learned:
Not sure about twittter? Really, you have to try it. Follow the educators. You'll learn more in a day than you did in an entire class that you may have taken in your life.

Yikes! It's now almost 11:00 AM. No, the article didn't take this long to write. I just got distracted by other tweets.


Joanne Romano said...


Thanks for compiling these great Tweets. Sage advice, also, regarding Twitter and whom to follow. Oh, and, yes...I concur on the learning. No class could provide such a wealth of info, from a variety of sources, in real time, tied to interests, at the end of your fingertips! The Twitterverse is awesome!

Craig said...

I hope you start to do this on a daily basis!

This does show the wealth of information we gain from Twitter.

How about a collaborative wiki or social bookmarking site (like Delicious or Diigo) where several of us post info we got from Twitter? A group on Diigo?

@cwebbtech would help. In fact, he alread has a tag in Delicious he uses for this purpose -