Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha - a little popular right now?

This is great! This, of course, means that there is a LOT of interest in this search engine, and that's great news. It means that a LOT of people are recognizing the potential that this has for changing forever how we search and what we expect to receive back when we search. This could mean that in ten years, say, folks might look back on "those old Google searches" and smile wistfully at how silly we were "back then." Kids today will be telling their kids, "Back when *I* was in school we had to sort through lists of web pages that contained our search words to see if they were what we we were looking for. You kids today just ask the computer a question and it tells you the answer."

An, as soon as we get the voice inputs down, the notion of typing will disappear, too. We'll just talk to our computers. Remember Scotty saying, "Hello, computer..." to an old Mac Plus?


JohnBr said...

Firefox has added an extension that adds Wolfram Alpha to Google searches. You can enter your search terms into Google and you get the typical Google responses on the left and Wolfram Alpha responses on the right.

Jim Gates said...

Thanks, John. I didn't konw about this one, but this is especially nice when you're showing folks the new search engine for the first time. Nice!

I also added the widget for the Mac. The FF toolbar really is handy, too. My only gripe is that I can't combine toolbars horizontally to save real estate on the browser on the Mac.

But, now see both results side by side - excellent!