Friday, May 29, 2009

Thoughts on the Wave

This, of course, is THE HOTTEST topic of the.. year? Decade? Longer? And why? Because it changes everything about how we communicate. It's chat, email, backchannel, slideshows, collaboration and more, ALL IN ONE APPLICATION. Holy cow!! And, did you see the spell checker? Spellee ...Spellie.. er, Spelly? And linkee. It's just incredible.

What FUN this will be. Now, I know that most of you don't have an hour and a half to sit and watch a youtube video, but you might be able to let this run while you're working on something else. Then flip back to it to see it in action.

Oh, and this article (Thanks, Joanne R) is a great description of the Wave. Check it out, too.

The fact that it's Open Source (Are you paying attention, Apple?) is WONDERFUL! The fact that it brings together so many amazing tools into one INCREDIBLE application is... beyond words. It changes everything about how we communicate. Just now getting used to email? Don't get too comfortable, the Wave will pass this by instantly - where available. If you're the kind who MUST have Inbox (0) then this will freak you out, for sure. Start now to get over it. :-)

So how long before it will be allowed in our schools, do you think? ;-)

Another thing that I keep thinking of is the power demands of this technology. Bandwidth, too. This is surely going to up the ante in a HUGE way. Students, start NOW to be thinking about alternative energy sources.

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