Sunday, May 03, 2009

This could change EVERYTHING! Stop NOW! Read this!

Thanks to a tweet by Alec Couros, I saw this article: "An Invention That Could Change The Internet Forever." From the article: "The new system, Wolfram Alpha, showcased at Harvard University in the US last week, takes the first step towards what many consider to be the internet's Holy Grail – a global store of information that understands and responds to ordinary language in the same way a person does."

The Semantic Web.


What if you could ask a search engine a question and it would calculate the answer instead of just finding pages that contained your keywords.

What if you could ask a search engine to draw comparisons - and it would do it!

What if search engines understood what you MEANT!

Honestly - read this article then take a moment to consider what role education will play in that kind of world. What relevance will NCLB have then? How on earth can we get our schools trained to leverage that kind of power into our classrooms to promote creativity and true understanding?


Thanks, too, to Alec for sharing the url for this video.


rlodan01 said...

Great post. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Yes, very powerful possibilities for education. No longer are we worried about specific information but much more about that information relates to what I'm studying.
I'm excited! BTW I have always loved Mathematica from Wolfram.

Carol said...

Just in case it's helpful, I listened to the entire lecture (1 hr 45 mins) and posted a guide on my case it's useful to your readers. I found the lecture made more sense to me at the half hour mark when he started discussing how Wolfram Alpha was put together (so to speak). Hope you're having a wonderful retirement...though I see you're far from retired! :)

Cheryl Capozzoli said...
i am anxiously awaiting it's release... :)