Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Search Engine - spezify

First of all, MANY thanks (once again) to John Branson for sharing this with me via an email. He also wondered if there was a way to share things directly via the blog without via a comment. Has anyone seen that done?

Anyway, check out this new search engine, spezify. Click to add a search word at the top and then see the results appear in a graphical layout below. Click the "tabs" at the top to filter the results. Click and drag the screen around to see more.

Now, I'm wondering,, as did the person who first shared that site with John, is this eye candy that, when you get right down to it, just isn't functional? Or, does it have a certain appeal to a different kind of learner that I just can't appreciate? I mean, remember taggalaxy? It's GREAT eye candy, but is it REALLY useful beyond that? Yes, you can see the images and related images, but is it really functional beyond that? Maybe that wasn't a good example.

So, what do YOU think about spezify?

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Charles Knight said...

Who is John Branson?

Charles Knight, editor