Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Mathematics of War

Math teachers, take note. This video, I think, is a fascinating discussion on the Mathematics of War. When your students ask where they'll use math in real life, have this video handy. Here's how the video is described on the Ted site: "By pulling raw data from the news and plotting it onto a graph, Sean Gourley and his team have come up with a stunning conclusion about the nature of modern war -- and perhaps a model for resolving conflicts."

Watch this discussion on what the data from wars around the globe tell us. Fascinating!

Now really, where else would you expect to hear something on this topic, if not on TED? :-)

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Carol said...

Yeah, I caught this one too. I was trying to catch up on my TED watching. This was interesting! I'm beginning to think that all the cool stuff comes from physics! And...the study of it and its possibilities seems to keep them all young! :)