Thursday, April 02, 2009

Where are student wiki projects?

Isn't it very telling that when a large group of tech teachers had the opportunity to showcase some student-created wiki projects, NOT ONE could do so. They could show TEACHER-made wikis, but not ONE student-made wiki.

Very telling, is it not?


Jim Beeghley said...

Well, did you happen to show them one created by a 6th grader from a school who has very little in terms of technology?

ONeal said...

I got one for you here is a collaborative story my students and I have created. Feel free to request access and add to the story.

A Whole New Mind Wiki

Danita Russell said...

One of my teachers has a complete student created wiki. I taught the kids the how-tos of wikis and then monitored as they progressed. But, the entire wiki is made by the kids each year. While not as fancy as some teacher created wikis, we are VERY proud of them!

Danita Russell

Kathleen said...

What are you considering teacher created vs. student created. If I create the main wiki and then have the students create the subpages on the wiki is it student or teacher created?

Jim Gates said...

If kids contribute to the content, then it's student created. What's yours?

Joan Tracy said...

Mr Gates,
First, thank you for your blog. I gain knowledge and get many good ideas from it.
Second, here are two of the wikis done by our students. My colleagues and I often build the initial "feeder" wiki page , but students make the wiki. Click through the "table of contents" first pages to get to students work.

Here is a simpler one, I like this one, because the wiki let students show the interconnectedness of myths by hyperlinks to other students work.

Morag Riddell said...


Here is a page with links to one of my colleague's student wiki pages. Enjoy!

LHoule said...

This week we begin the third year of our annual 8th grade wiki project on Decades of the Twentieth Century. In that our students are junior high age our wiki is private. But any teacher interested in viewing our 2007 and 2008 student wikis is welcome to contact me for the guest username and password we've created to share our student work.