Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Stops Population Growth? - Hans Rosling

I'm sure that you know of the WONDERFUL website: (correction made to original post). You might have seen one of his presentations on Ted. I was browsing the site just now and was exploring some of the other , perhaps less well known features of the site. For example, under the Gapminder World link, click on the link for "Gaps Between" and watch data about the gaps between states in the US, or in China. Or, on the front page, click the links to watch some of the videos like the one I linked to at the top of this post.

First, watch the video (above) and then ask yourself if that data told the story. I think you'll agree that it did. Then ask yourself if giving a presentation like this is better than diving a PowerPoint presentation. I think you'll agree, again, that it is.

Now, if you're s social studies teacher who talks about global issues or how tries, at least, to put the events of the US into a global perspective, why not spend some time in Gapminder exploring the data? Why not find those data elements that, when plotted together, tell a story much more effectively than ANY PowerPoint could do?

Send this post along to your favorite Social Studies teacher after you watch the video. In a World Class education system, shouldn't the students be making presentations like this?

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Staffan Landin said...

Dear Jim, thanks for your kind words and your tips on both here and on your own website.

Just one small correction though, is not owned by Google, Gapminder is a completely independent non-profit foundation based in Sweden, and Google has no formal connection to the Gapminder foundation or

What google acquired two years ago was only "trendalyzer", the software behind the graphs (developed by gapminder) and the one that is used in Gapminder World and Gaps within countries.

Just to straighten that out. Thanks again and best wished from Gapminder.