Sunday, April 26, 2009

"The Beauty of Knowledge"

In the latest daily email from the Diigo in Education group was this bookmarked site: Be Very Afraid."Prof. Stephen Heppell and his team once again brings together some of the best examples of Digital Creativity from schools, colleges and Higher Education in the South East." Note that along the top of the page are links to the various year's events. BVA1 thru BVA5. (BVA=Be Very Afraid) Spend some time watching the videos from the various years. Yo'l be glad you did.

This particular piece was done in 2005, but don't let that stop you from watching it. In particular, I was impressed by the two girls in the Matching Green School video. At one point these two girls talk about the work that they've been doing - solving a problem of a computer having crashed. The computer crashed and now has the knowledge of a 6 yr old. But, by solving problems and correctly answering questions, they are able to give the computer back, "...the beauty of knowledge."

"The beauty of knowledge."

Wow. Isn't that just.. beautiful?

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Jim Gates said...

Yes, I agree that the term "beauty of knowledge" may come directly from the game, but isn't that a WONDERFUL message to instill into children?