Monday, March 02, 2009

YouTube Symphony Orchestra auditions

Many of you have already seen this video by Mike Wesch, creator of the other viral video of his, The Machine is Us/ing Us. If you haven't yet seen that first video link, watch it soon. CAUTION: there are a couple words in it that may not be suitable for public airplay - at least not in school. But, it's VERY well worth your time. It talks about how YouTube has become more than just a place to upload videos, it's shaping our cultures - and more.

Case in point, the YouTube Youth Symphony Orchestra. Record yourself playing your instrument and send it in where it will be judged. The winners get to participatein the world's first online collaborative orchestra. (I REALLY thought I had blogged about it a while back, too, but I guess not.)

Anyway, the idea is very cool, I think. The WORLD is auditioning! And wait until you hear some of the talent that the youth around the world possess. LIke this young lady who will dazzle you with her amazing piano playing. Then check out some on this page. I'm not sure if they are, indeed, winners, as my search sought to find, but they are amazingly talented kids, nonetheless.

Send this to your favorite music teacher.

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