Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Lapse photos of glaciers

I was lucky enough to hear a great episode on Fresh Air today. It features an interview with James Balog, a photographer who has been spending years documenting the disappearance of the glaciers. Yes, I KNOW that there is a debate, not about the warming of the planet, but about who is to blame for it. But regardless, I REALLY think you'll enjoy this interview. Click the Listen Now link near the top of the page. I loved his description of the huge lakes that simply vanish in seconds - right before your eyes when the ice beneath the water ruptures, and the water is sucked down into the enormous hole.

When you're done, go here to see the picture show and to see the movie. (It's a youtbue video, so... do what you have to do to see it.)

Nova will be airing an episode entitled, "Extreme Ice" on March 24th. A must-see for any science teacher, I'd think. Also, check out the website and the incredible photography and videos there.

Mark your calendars. March 24th. Watch it! This is the kind of documentary that is sure to be a life-changing experience for a student somewhere who will think, "*I* want to be a photographer like that!"

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