Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Students caught sexting. Now what?

Two girls got caught sending nude pictures of themselves to their friends. But, they did it while in school. The question now is, "Now what?" "How should the school react?"

Should they:
1) Stiffen the rules and penalties for having cell phones in school?
2) Hold an assembly to help to educate the kids on why this is inappropriate, etc

Geez, I hope you didn't pick #1 as one district is doing.


ONeal said...

I think both - I think cell phones should only be allowed in specific classes at specific times. We caught several students using an IPOD touch to cheat on a test. The touch had several pages of notes typed up on it and after being caught the student claimed they were just listening to music assuming the instructor knew nothing about the text version.

Students and PARENTS need to be enlightened to the circumstances of their actions. Technology is an amazing resource however if we do not educate people of their power and the correct and appropriate use of that power they will abuse it and we will be affected by their actions.

If you put very few things on a page, you leave lots of room for the imagination.
Dick Bruna

Anonymous said...

The best way to stop this type of activity would be to post the pictures at the entrance to the school. Every other student in the school would think twice about doing it.

Anonymous said...

Posting pictures at the front of the school would be like chopping the hands off those who steal in the town square...let's all step out of the middle ages.