Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation put to the test

This just blows my little mind.

I'd been working with a Social Studies teacher and I knew that he taught a unit on the War in Vietnam. I asked if he'd like to somehow connect with a class in Vietnam to study the war from the two perspectives. He was all for it. But, how to find a partnering school? I tried epals but I haven't heard anything yet. I tried TigEd but somehow my subscription lapsed. So today I tried Twitter.

My post read something like this: "testing 6 degrees of Separation theory. I'm looking for a class in Vietnam to work w/ 1 of mine. Can anyone get me started?" Not long afterwards one follower re-tweeted my plea. (Much appreciated, too, BTW) Shortly after that I received another reply saying that she was connected to Morgan Freeman, if I ever needed that connection. That, alone, was pretty interesting.

But, within another half hour os so I was replied to from a woman whose friend's brother teaches in Vietnam! BAM! That fast, and just 3 degrees of separation away, is the connection.

SO, NOW ask me what good is twitter.



Anonymous said...

It is amazing hwo fast global connections are made!!! Thanks!
D Chess

Joanne Romano said...

One hundred forty characters meet global collaboration! Keep us posted on the project...

Connie Sitterley said...

What a great addition to the "why should teachers use twitter" pitch. Thanks for sharing!