Thursday, March 19, 2009

One tool for learning - pick one

Kurt Paccio over there at Tech Ruminations has asked a good question.

"Imagine for a moment that your son or daughter will be going off to college shortly. The college sends you a letter that due to circumstances students may only be provided with ONE learning tool. ONE.

You may choose a textbook or you may choose a pen, calculator, or whatever. One tool.
What would that tool be?"

I would also have you say WHY you chose that tool. You'd say something like, "With that one tool I can do everything." Right?

Kurt then suggests that we ask that simple question of our school leaders and post back to him with the responses you hear. That would be interesting wouldn't it? I think especially if you ask them to support their choice. How much is spent each year for textbooks and calculators? Is it THAT big of a reach to go 1-to-1?

Of course, the hidden costs aren't factored in here. Costs like upgrading your network to support all those computers. And increasing your bandwidth. And the costs of maintianing all those computers. Still, it's an interesting quesiton. WHy not ask it and get back to Kurt with your responses.

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tnomeralc web toys said...

This is a nice irony of questions that can only be resolved if I take shot asking the right people but then again, what do you think would be the answer? LOL.