Sunday, March 29, 2009


Every time I turn around I see more and more VERY cool things that you can do with an iPhone. I WANT ONE!!! Come on, Apple. When will you let other carriers handle that phone, too? If we can't get a signal where we use that phone we can't use it!! Just IMAGINE how many of those phones you'd sell if you allowed other carriers to sell it!


Mrs. Robin Martin said...

Me too!! Hold on Jim, I hear on the Mac rumor sites that it may happen in 2009. Apple contract with exclusive AT&T is up in June (?). So dont' renew your existing phone contract just yet!

Jim Gates said...

It will be worth breaking the contract on my current phone as long as I can stay with Verizon - WITH an iphone! Oh happy day!

free online classifieds said...

it's one of the great gadget this days...i want to have it also..

- ledz -