Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I admit it: I was wrong about twitter

OK, Kristin. I'll admit it. Yes, I was VERY wrong about twitter. Kristin kindly reminded me of this post in which I said that I just didn't "Get" twitter. But there are two things to factor into account here. First, it was August of 2007. Second, I *did* point out that it might take me a while, saying it took a full six pack before I could stand the taste of Schlitz. :-)

Since then, however, I've learned to ignore the noise and embrace the learning that comes from it. Most recently I wrote about the experience with trying to find a teacher in Vietnam, or this post about images of the global recession, or this one that pointed me to the GE Smartgrid site, (Have you tried that yet?), or some of these posts about twittter.

So, I will gladly eat my words. I DO get it, now, and I LOVE it! I just wish I had THOUGHT of it first.


tyost said...


I agree, I didn't "get" it either. Maybe it went more mainstream, or we adapted to it, but it is a fantastic resource and really ties a PLN together.


Kristin Hokanson said...

Oh Jim,
I DO love Razzing you :)Yes, folks don't GET twitter, but the more it is in the news, in other blogs...I said something the other day to an English teacher who said...Sure I know twitter...I READ and it is in everything I read. Sure not everyone is going to use it or get it, but those of us who do have certainly come upon a wealth of resources...Heck everything can't be for everyone, after all... I still don't like schlitz ;-)

Joanne Romano said...


I, like you, did not fully understand Twitter way back when. We even had a conversation about it. Now, it has become my daily Professional Learning opportunity.

Tramaire said...

I just heard of a project called "Twearth Day" - a combination of Twitter and Earth Day. I'm not sure how this will work, but according to their website:

"Project Green jungle is utilizing this technology [Twitter] to update this website in real time from the Jungles of Costa Rica for Earth Day. We will be updating this site with water quality tests conducted on the Sixaola River, as well as during a species account and biodiversity survey of Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve. In fact, we wil be updating this site from Costa Rica for six days!"

Ken Rodoff said...

What's this 'Twitter' thing you're writing about?

Anyhow, what are you doing right now?

I feel like there's no platform for us to answer that question whenever and wherever we want.


Jim Gates said...

:-) Ken. Maybe we can try newsletters. Sure, they may be weeks old, and they may be costly, but hey - at least they ... uh.. er.. wel, at least they have a REAL name. "twitter" sheesh!

Tim said...

Don't worry, Jim, you're not alone in this. I looked at my Twitter history and there was an almost one year gap between my first and second posts.

It wasn't until a few months after that (at NECC 2008 in San Antonio) that I finally began to understand how and why it could fit into my online life. Now it's a fundamental part of my daily routine.

Meg said...

Yep, there was a short span of time, over a conference, that I 'got it' with Twitter. It's not explainable and it's not for everyone and everyone doesn't use it the way I use it and there's no right way or wrong. I just like it. And I haven't yet seen it explained how the people I choose to follow are people I don't even know (as opposed to Facebook) and yet I see many many interesting (to me) links each day. It's my news feed of very random news.