Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Horizon Report for K12 Education

We all know about the Horizon report, right?
"Each year, an Advisory Board considers the results of these dialogs and also looks at a wide range of articles, published and unpublished research, papers, and websites to generate a list of technologies, trends, challenges, and issues that knowledgeable people in technology industries, higher education, and museums are thinking about."

But I hadn't known about this version of it - the K12 Edition.
"Each edition of the Horizon Report introduces six emerging technologies or practices that are likely to enter mainstream use in the educational community within three adoption horizons over the next one to five years."

I think this is an important document. I think you should download this pdf version (once you've read the web version, maybe) and send it to your Principal, your Superintendent, and your Curriculum person - and you Tech Director. Then suggest that the five of you meet to discuss it. Far too many of our districts operate without proper context, focused solely on test data, or attendance data, etc.

Wouldn't this be an excellent conversation to have with those stakeholders? Wait - invite some parents, as well. And some students. And some other teachers. If they don't know about a particular trend, educate them about it. Talk about them. What do they enable? Why is that important?

This COULD be exactly what is needed to help spark real change in your district.


JohnBr said...

Jim, I had an opportunity to attend the unveiling of this report while at the CoSN Conference earlier this month. I agree that it is very interesting.

I would also recommend two other reports that were presented at CoSN.

Report on the National Survey of School Leaders Regarding the Use of Web 2.0 in Schools.

This is a joint study by ASCD, CoSN and the MacArthur Foundation. It was conducted by the Metiri Group. Only the preliminary findings were available at the time of CoSN earlier this month.

Map of Future Forces Affecting Education

This map is actually a matrix that cross references six forces of change and their impact on: The Family & Community; Markets; Institutions; Education & Learning and Tools & Practices. The map shows how these different elements interact to drive change. The interaction of elements create Trends, Hot Spots and Dilemmas. The Map covers the time span of 2006-2016. An updated map is scheduled to be released in the near future. You can see the map and learn more about this study by visiting:

Jim Gates said...

Every year I said I was going to go to the COSN conference. It's odd that I've waited until now to PROMISE myself that I"ll go to the next one.

Thanks for sharing this!

Ed_Thoughts said...

Thank you for the tip!

I like Ferriter’s most recent post about cell phones in the classroom. It mirrors my own.