Friday, February 06, 2009

PAEducators - a new ning for PA teachers

I just received an invitation to join a new ning that I'm excited about. It's Here's what it says about itself:

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Educators Online Network! This professional learning network has been created to assist PA Educators with finding important state information, and to offer an online area where teachers can connect, collaborate and share experiences and knowledge while teaching in PA.

Are YOU a PA teacher? Rush over there and join in. Yes, I know there's the Classroom2.0 ning that you may belong to, but this group is more specific to PA teachers.

See you there!


Dan Callahan said...

This might just be the perfect thing for getting some of my colleagues at work to try out a ning...classroom2.0 is huge and tech-focused, which I think might be a turnoff for some. Thanks, Jim!

mrsdurff said...

Okay the question that pops to mind is, I am PA certified but work just over the state line in MD. Can I still join this ning or is it a private party?

Kurt Paccio said...

Do we know who is behind this network? It looks very professionally done. The "seal" looks very official but is clearly not a state seal. Is this a CFF initiative? PSEA? PDE?

The ning is ad supported. The network creator is hidden behind an alias. I'm a bit worried about the lack of transparency here.

Given the potential for significant ad revenue I'd like to learn more before I can recommend this site. I'm very surprised at how many will just jump on in without knowing if there are sharks in the waters.

Normally I'm a glass half full person. This one has some red flags though.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be paranoid, :)
This Ning network is not an initiative from PDE, CFF, PSEA or any other bureaucratic association. It is exactly what it says it is. A network for "ALL" PA teachers. So many of whom are being forgotten and left behind because they are not a part of state or local initiatives. By Joining, all educators will become an important part of this network. One in which we, dedicated to perfecting our practice, can build and strengthen together. Have faith in knowing that someone sees a need to strengthen our educational system through collegial partnerships and instant connectedness. As the creator of this network, I challenge all of us to prove to the people in leadership roles that together we have the power to lead from within. So join, share, lead and inspire! There are NO ulterior motives at all, just a very highly devoted educator looking to build and strengthen our student learning experiences through our connectedness and friendships! Oh and thanks for the kind words about the ning's look and feel. I worked hard to make is look professional.