Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Inauguration Project continues

A few days ago I mentioned this project that was conducted by some students at Springfield High School here in PA. What an event it was, too. A major step into being creators and managers of content/news, and taking charge of their learning. Very cool.

Now comes this blog. SHSPresidential Watch blog. Here, students will be posting questions, thoughts, and observations to the blog and replying to comments on their posts. How will this develop for them? I'm anxious to see. When they get a chance to reply to a comment, I'm anxious to see if they do so thoughtfully, respectfully, and in a way that might even promote further discussion.

I like this. They have to be aware of the news in order to post meaningful and timely messages, and at the same time try to be neutral in their position. Nice. What do you think? Would YOUR class like to get involved? Start with the comments. What if your class came up with a Point/CounterPoint position and made two comments? Who knows what might develop from there.

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