Monday, February 02, 2009

Google Earth 5.0 is here!

I didn't even know that a new version was due out, but here it is. There are some outstanding new features, too. Check out the Historical imagery slider and watch as an area changes over time. Or the Ocean layer where you can watch video of some of Jacques Cousteau's dives in the National Geographic videos. And, it's now as easy as clicking a button to record your tours of Google Earth.

Did you catch that last part? You can record your time that you spend in Google Earth and save it (in a KML file) that you can share with friends. That video will even show the placemark pins that you open , or those you create. Imagine the kinds of projects your students can do now!

Run over (again) to the gearth blog to read more about these new features. I'd LOVE to see some of the tours that you create.

This kind of thing changes EVERYTHING about how we approach teaching earth science, doesn't it?


Justine Kobeski said...

I can't get underwater - I've been trying for hours!! Any suggestions?

Jim Gates said...

Did you see this update on the Gearth blog?

"[UPDATE: You can also have KML files that go under the ocean! This means you can show where cables go under the sea, or put a 3D model of a sunken ship into the ocean. Very cool!]

[UPDATE: Here's Google's post about the new ocean data. Also, here's the Google Earth Ocean web site (with a video narrated by Sylvia Earle of National Geographics). And, here's a post about the new Google Mars feature in Google Earth 5.]"

Check out this post:>