Monday, February 16, 2009

Gmail address book gets needed improvement

If you've ever tried to add someone to the address book of gmail then you know how frustrating that is - or, rather, WAS. They've made a HUGE improvement to it that I just now experienced.

I went to change an address but was told that I could do it because it already existed. ARGH! But this time it showed both entries AND a link that allowed me to merge them. WOOHOO!! With one click it showed me both addresses, each with a remove button next to it that allowed me to remove the one with the old address. Two clicks was all it took to get this issue resolved. Very nice.


Maung said...

You did noit tell how or what nthe mrelease that took care of it.behlog

Jim Gates said...

Well, I'm not sure when that happened. It's just that one day while I was in there I noticed the new functions.

I don't even know if they measure such improvements in terms of 'releases.'

Do they?