Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earth Science teachers - another TED video for you

Yes, I'm addicted to TED. (Is there a support group for that?) I just watched two more excellent TED videos this evening, the second being this one of Sylvia Earle talking about the shocking statistics of the dramatic decline of the health of our Oceans. Oh my...

This is an excellent lesson in the making. Send this to your favorite Earth Science teacher right away.


Louise Maine said...

Love the TED talks (especially those dealing with the environment.)

Are those of us addicted to these things in need of a support group (or are these things the support group already?)

Lee Speers said...

If you find a support group, let me know. Some how I always find myself spending time I do not have watching things I really need to see. Then sharing them with people who have less spare time than I do, but still find time to watch as well.